Lentil/Rice Cakes

I keep thinking I’ve already written this post, and so I delete it, but I’ve gone through the archives (it sounds like such a vast thing…it isn’t) and I haven’t. Fantastic. I’m writing about it today. You’ll love it. Seriously. I’ve made this several times and it is crowd pleasing EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is … Continue reading Lentil/Rice Cakes

Tacos and a Twist

The other night I really REALLY wanted tacos. Zara REALLY wanted rice (and strawberries, but that doesn’t really fit with the taco story). Since I’ve been shopping on a pretty tight budget lately (and getting tighter due to a new house purchase…hopefully…) I had bought tortillas on my last shop (corn baby ones, Zara AND … Continue reading Tacos and a Twist