Sage Pesto

I’ve wanted to post this recipe but froze it immediately after making it (I know…idiot right?). I tried taking pictures but they never seemed to come out right. Last night I decided to use the pesto and decided it’s time to get the recipe out there. It’s super easy to make with or without kids. … Continue reading Sage Pesto

Olive Oil Cake

We love cake at our house. I mean love love LOVE cake. My husband makes fun of me because I used to always by a boxed cake mix at the grocery store, resulting in an entire cabinet shelf dedicated to cake mixes and icing. Since I made a cake from scratch, I rarely make boxed … Continue reading Olive Oil Cake

DIY Croutons

Or as my husband calls them…room perfume…as one batch of these and your whole house will smell of a delightful mixture of garlic, warm bread and cheese. Croutons are one of life’s small pleasures. For some reason, I used to REALLY hate them. Crunch on a salad, amidst all that lovely green and pops of … Continue reading DIY Croutons