Mexican Lasagna

We had a very long (and fantastic) fourth of July week. It was basically a week-long party. Starting from the 3rd with dinner at a friends (They celebrate the 4th on the 3rd in the part of Plymouth we moved…yeah, I don’t understand it either) ending with a final farewell dinner with the in-laws. We … Continue reading Mexican Lasagna

Tortilla Chicken

Like most people (I think…maybe I’m the only one) we always seem to have an alarming number of 1/3 bags of tortilla chips in our pantry. All just past their freshness, so no one breaks them out for salsa, and just turns to another, unopened bag. While going through my pantry trying to figure out … Continue reading Tortilla Chicken

Leftover Soup

A couple of things inspired my dinner creation (or what have you) tonight. First off, last night I made a chicken roaster with roasted vegetables.  I have a TON of chicken left over, not that this is ever a bad thing in the house of a small child, but it’s freezing here in MA, and … Continue reading Leftover Soup