Honeydew Melon Jelly

This week has been unseasonably warm which has been a welcome reprieve from last week’s cold snap that had us all wondering if the farmers almanac is right and this winter will be colder than last (okay maybe only a few people still refer to the farmers almanac!) This week I’ve decided to squeeze the … Continue reading Honeydew Melon Jelly

Rose Hips Jelly

Rose Hips. They’re found in most coastal areas- easily spotted by their bulbous prickly balls that are brilliant shades of orange and red. The roses that grow on the same bush are often bright fushia, purple or a soft white. They are a staple plant in a coastal town like mine. I’ve been thinking a … Continue reading Rose Hips Jelly

Blood Orange Marmalade

After countless posts complaining about the lack of spring, the weather channel informs me that we will have warm(er) weather this week, possibly even up to the 70’s. EEEK I’m so excited! To celebrate, I decided to make some gorgeous blood orange marmalade. Full disclosure, I’ve never made marmalade before, and I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading Blood Orange Marmalade