Guest Recipes

Every once in awhile there are those lovely people out there that want to share their cooking recipes with you! Below are direct links to every guest recipe thus far. If you want to submit a guest recipe we would be thrilled! Send us an email at:

Brie McFarland: Quinoa Loaf

Natasha Mell-Taylor: Banana Bread

Colette Bell: Lemon Aioli

Colleen Giannino :Depression Cake

Cathy Pitt: Veggie Pasta Bake

Greg Taylor: Snap Toddy

Susan Jane: Sicilian Caponata

Jennifer Lyman: Gnocchi

Natasha Mell-Taylor: Lemon Pasta

Caryn Drake: Fresh Salsa

Brie McFarland: Tofu Lettuce Wraps


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