Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

It’s finally spring (well at least the date tells us it is) and all the beautiful vegetables and fruits are starting to make an appearance at our grocery store. Our friend had brought some tomatillos over the other day, and we forgot to cook with them. Kinda sacrilegious, I know.  So today, on a day … Continue reading Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

Cloudy Apply Jelly

So if you are a regular reader of this blog (or even a sometimes reader) you probably have ascertained that I love making jelly, jams and pickling pretty much everything. It’s something that I’ve really gotten into since moving back to the States. There’s something so satisfying about taking one thing and transforming it into … Continue reading Cloudy Apply Jelly

Honeydew Melon Jelly

This week has been unseasonably warm which has been a welcome reprieve from last week’s cold snap that had us all wondering if the farmers almanac is right and this winter will be colder than last (okay maybe only a few people still refer to the farmers almanac!) This week I’ve decided to squeeze the … Continue reading Honeydew Melon Jelly

Parsley Pesto

Last night I was trying to come up with a homemade birthday present that reminded me of the intended as well as one that was preschooler friendly. I had a bunch of fresh parsley and thought-well that is perfect-so an idea was born. Knowing that the first day of spring was in sight I wanted … Continue reading Parsley Pesto

Plum Chutney

It’s been a couple days since I’ve posted-mainly because I’ve been under the weather. Today I started the day with gusto! Since it’s super warm in the northeast (surprise!) I wanted to make something fairly quick so I could spend a lot of time outside. My house has also been neglected, and I always prefer … Continue reading Plum Chutney