Mason Jar Cup O Soup

Remember those? They were styrofoam cups filled with freeze dried vegetables, maybe some jerky-type meat and LOTS of salty bouillon powder. Yeah, I loved them too. But I love my heart a little more, so I improved upon them, with a little help from GOOP who featured a similar soup idea. What can I say? Great minds … Continue reading Mason Jar Cup O Soup

Garden Style Empanadas

The title of this post is actually kind of laughable considering the apocalyptic snow storm they’re predicting for our area to hit…any moment now. But as I was making these the other night, it’s what I was thinking of. Normally I put garlic, beans, onions and sometimes potatoes in my empanadas, but I had a whole … Continue reading Garden Style Empanadas

The Bro-wich

I’m fairly certain I got this idea from Pinterest, in fact, I’m positive it’s something I pinned in a board for my husband’s birthday. Mainly because this is a majorly over-indulgent looking sandwich, and really not something I would put together myself. But today was a little different. Today I was very short on patience, … Continue reading The Bro-wich

Cloudy Apply Jelly

So if you are a regular reader of this blog (or even a sometimes reader) you probably have ascertained that I love making jelly, jams and pickling pretty much everything. It’s something that I’ve really gotten into since moving back to the States. There’s something so satisfying about taking one thing and transforming it into … Continue reading Cloudy Apply Jelly


Around St. Patrick’s Day I always get a hankering for a Reuben sandwich. I think it’s because everyone is talking about corned beef. Yum. While this year taught me that I will never ever make boiled corned beef and cabbage again to mark my almost non-existent Irish heritage, said disaster left me with lots of … Continue reading Reuben