Overload Muffins

Whenever we have guests longer than a night I like to prep some of the food ahead of time so I can enjoy my time instead of rushing around in the kitchen. Especially breakfast. With a young baby. As I’m not very coherent for the first several hours I’m awake. Since we are having guests … Continue reading Overload Muffins

Celebrating A New Beginning

I’ve been pretty bad at keeping to a regular blogging schedule as of late. I’ve got a million ‘excuses’ but really I’ve let other things take precedence over sitting in my room with the computer and capturing words to brighten the pictures I’ve taken. So some really amazing recipes haven’t been captured-but not to worry. … Continue reading Celebrating A New Beginning

Blood Orange Bars

I’ve been trying to make some type of easily transportable breakfast that the three of us will like (and actually eat) for the week. Last week I made the strawberry crumb bars (which my husband loved and has requested again next week. This week I wanted to try something a little different. I had pinned … Continue reading Blood Orange Bars

Strawberry Crumb Bars

I know I promised these yesterday but…well, we had several adult and child emergencies (nothing too dire) yesterday, which led to a long bedtime routine for Z and a trip right to bed for me. (Sans wine, I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself) So today, I bring you, the incredible strawberry crumb bars, which … Continue reading Strawberry Crumb Bars