Apple Crumble Bites

We are knee deep in Apple (and hurricane) season here in the northeast and last weekend we took a family fun trek to CN Smith farm. Normally this farm is a fabulous idea with small kids. Easy parking, some animals, lots of apples and donuts (not to mention a kitch halloween display). I don’t know … Continue reading Apple Crumble Bites

O Babies

I made these for my friend’s baby sprinkle. She’s from CA and spent extensive time in HI so she identifies with those places (and their warmth) as opposed to MA where it’s FREEZING and still snowing. Yup-more snow on the way. Will we break the record for all time recorded snow in the area? Absolutely. … Continue reading O Babies


I love donuts. I haven’t always loved donuts. To be honest, since moving to Massachusetts, my love has grown. It must be because this state’s national food source is Dunkin Donuts.  I actually prefer donuts that have mostly air (kruellers) or donuts that are baked. Dunks doesn’t sell those SO   I decided, yesterday, after … Continue reading DONUTS!!!!!!

Sprinkle Meringues

My friend Brie recently had a ‘sprinkle’ to celebrate the upcoming birth of her second child. All of her friends were SO excited to share this day with her and we each brought food and drink to share (along with baby goodies of course!) The party was beautifully decorated and the food was out of … Continue reading Sprinkle Meringues

Gimme Some Sugar

This post is courtesy of Shannon who bought these marvelous cinnamon/raspberry twists to my house. (You are welcome back ANYTIME) These things are dangerously delicious. So today’s post, not a recipe. But maybe one of the most addictive pastries I’ve had…ever. If anyone knows how to make these, tell me. I feel I may go … Continue reading Gimme Some Sugar