Apple Crumble Bites

We are knee deep in Apple (and hurricane) season here in the northeast and last weekend we took a family fun trek to CN Smith farm. Normally this farm is a fabulous idea with small kids. Easy parking, some animals, lots of apples and donuts (not to mention a kitch halloween display). I don’t know … Continue reading Apple Crumble Bites

Cranberry Orange Bread

Are you looking for something delicious and easy to make for Easter morning? Yes? Me too. Sooooo, I went to my freezer to see what frozen goodies I had. The answer, nothing sweet. Boo. But I did have some beautiful cranberries that my friend Nicole had given me. It doesn’t take much for an idea … Continue reading Cranberry Orange Bread

Overload Muffins

Whenever we have guests longer than a night I like to prep some of the food ahead of time so I can enjoy my time instead of rushing around in the kitchen. Especially breakfast. With a young baby. As I’m not very coherent for the first several hours I’m awake. Since we are having guests … Continue reading Overload Muffins

Vegan Pizza Dough

Okay, maybe all pizza dough is vegan, I haven’t done a whole lot of research on this. But I was looking for a dough that was dairy free, and found that a lot of recipes I found actually contained a bit of milk. I wanted to eliminate dairy (as sometimes I just don’t have a … Continue reading Vegan Pizza Dough