Belated…Happy Everything

To say it’s been awhile would be such a massive understatement. In fact, it’s been a long while since I’ve blogged here. Excuses beget more excuses and then here I am, basically the middle of January. 

That’s not to say that I haven’t been cooking, and baking, and inventing cool things that I’ve wanted to share with you…I just haven’t. Mainly because I’ve been depending on my phone as my main photography source (which is pretty terrible in itself) and my phone has almost completely crapped out on me, leaving me without beautiful pictures of food, and my children (and my cats!!).

Yet, while prepping for our New Year’s Eve party, I was creating this signature cocktail (because what’s a late night party without a signature cocktail?) And I realized HOW LONG it’s actually been since I’ve blogged. And then I sat down and wrote my New Years Resolutions (which is my first time doing this, which is crazy for an uber list person like myself) which of course, included blogging more often.

Then a week went by.

And here we are. While I may be terrible at keeping New Year’s Resolutions, I really want to get better at it. So here’s to hoping I actually continue to make this a bit more of a priority (and get a new phone!!).

So, first post of 2016 had boozy beginnings, but it actually starts with simple origins, which I used for adult and child beverages alike. I think Z was the only child that actually drank her schmancy drink that included this, but whatever.

Here goes nothing, this is what you’ll need;

A handful of pine needles (please check to make sure your pine is not a)poisonous b) has not been treated with something (like poison))

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

That’s right folks! We’re making a simple syrup. Out of pine needles!

pineneedlesWhen I look at a Christmas tree I can’t help feeling a little sad that we don’t use the tree for something other than next year’s mulch. So I thought I would try something a little new, a little daring…

Thoroughly wash pine needles (do not use the branch)

Add water to a pot. Stir in sugar until almost dissolved. Turn on heat to medium. Stir every so often until water/sugar is boiling.

Add pine needles and boil for 2 minutes. Turn off heat and steep for 30 minutes.

Strain out pine needles and serve with your favorite beverage.

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