Paprika Chicken

To say I’m multi-tasking is putting it lightly. We are currently in a car…I’m in between the kids, entertaining and mediating while listening to amazing covers of The Clash. This week has been a light blogging week. I’ve made a lot of soup, mostly white in color which is just so boring to photograph that … Continue reading Paprika Chicken

O Babies

I made these for my friend’s baby sprinkle. She’s from CA and spent extensive time in HI so she identifies with those places (and their warmth) as opposed to MA where it’s FREEZING and still snowing. Yup-more snow on the way. Will we break the record for all time recorded snow in the area? Absolutely. … Continue reading O Babies

Abernethy Biscuits

Originally posted on LondonEats:
After my recent little sojourn into traditional baking with Tudor marchpane, I thought that it would be a nice link to today’s recipe – a fairly simple biscuit flavoured with that rather “olde worlde” flavour, caraway seeds. I love that spice – it is delicious in cheeses and sugary sweets alike,… Continue reading Abernethy Biscuits

Weekly Round Up

Ill be quick-since Downton is coming up and I’m slightly addicted… this is what we’re having this week… Sunday-We ordered pizza. It’s snowing for the millionth time. I.Just.Couldn’t.Face.Anything. Blah! Monday-Shrimp and Cilantro Grits Tuesday-Fennel, Garlic and Potato Soup Wednesday-Meatballs and Pasta Thursday-Paprika Chicken and Spinach Friday- Marinated drumsticks Saturday-Shrimp Curry Have a fab week!! Continue reading Weekly Round Up