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Cranberry Orange Bread

Are you looking for something delicious and easy to make for Easter morning? Yes? Me too. Sooooo, I went to my freezer to see what frozen goodies I had. The answer, nothing sweet. Boo. But I did have some beautiful … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Matzoh Ball Soup

I LOVE matzoh ball soup! Growing up, we used to go to Tabachnick’s and my sister and I would split a soup. We also would fight over the matzoh balls and my mother would very democratically split them in half. … Continue reading

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Chicken Katsu Curry

Wagamama serve a dish called Chicken Katsu Curry. I have never actually eaten it, but in theory it sounds wonderful. Crispy, breaded chicken with a flavourful curry sauce and fluffy rice.…

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Orange liqueur cake with white chocolate ganache

Originally posted on the hungry mum:
I wish I could be paid to spend all day trawling Pinterest for delicious things to bake. I mean, I’m good at it. I enjoy it. I can and do spend hours falling down…

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Sharing a link

This isn’t something I normally do- but a father/son team have come up with food puns to identify each state. How perfect for Zara’s Hungry! Check it out!

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Beetroot-Walnut Salmon with Spiralized Baked Potato Rosti

Originally posted on food to glow:
I am astonished at how much I love beetroot. And salmon and horseradish for that matter. My early introductions to all three did not bode well for them featuring in any way, shape or…

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Weekly Round Up

I have a friend visiting so I’ll be making a lot of tried and true things this week. We’re hoping for NO SNOW this week…cross your fingers for us! Monday-Salmon with Curry Tuesday-Carrot Soup Wednesday-Chicken with roast potatoes Thursday-Pizza with … Continue reading

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Paprika Chicken

To say I’m multi-tasking is putting it lightly. We are currently in a car…I’m in between the kids, entertaining and mediating while listening to amazing covers of The Clash. This week has been a light blogging week. I’ve made a … Continue reading

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O Babies

I made these for my friend’s baby sprinkle. She’s from CA and spent extensive time in HI so she identifies with those places (and their warmth) as opposed to MA where it’s FREEZING and still snowing. Yup-more snow on the … Continue reading

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Abernethy Biscuits

Originally posted on LondonEats:
After my recent little sojourn into traditional baking with Tudor marchpane, I thought that it would be a nice link to today’s recipe – a fairly simple biscuit flavoured with that rather “olde worlde” flavour, caraway…

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