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I love donuts. I haven’t always loved donuts. To be honest, since moving to Massachusetts, my love has grown. It must be because this state’s national food source is Dunkin Donuts.  I actually prefer donuts that have mostly air (kruellers) … Continue reading

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Sprinkle Meringues

My friend Brie recently had a ‘sprinkle’ to celebrate the upcoming birth of her second child. All of her friends were SO excited to share this day with her and we each brought food and drink to share (along with … Continue reading

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Herby Orzo Salad

I have this cookbook that I bought for 75 pence at Foyle’s in London when I was doing my master’s. There was 1 recipe I wanted to try and I figured I couldn’t beat the price (yay for clearance sections!). … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Carbonara

I made this awhile back, but with the sickness that has not quite left the building (another dr visit today yay!) I’ve been a bit behind in my posting. Spaghetti Carbonara is one of those deeply satisfying meals as its … Continue reading

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Orange Blossom Truffles

This is an incredibly simple candy to make. Perfect for a holiday party, a gift, or to satisfy a four year old’s wish to make something for every character in Strawberry Shortcake (of which orange blossom is one). I use … Continue reading

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Weekly Round Up

Sickness has almost left the building. We’re hoping that a couple more low key days will finally kick it out of the house (until the next monster bug). Since we spent a couple of days not eating, some of us are … Continue reading

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BLT Pizza

Where to begin? I’m resorting to the phone app as I have two sick kids that are sleeping on either side of me and if one of them wakes up I may lose my mind (just a little bit). So … Continue reading

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Romantic Seed Crackers

Originally posted on LondonEats:
OK, so more hearts! Why? Because…love is crackers? But worth it? And love is a good base for other things, just like a good cracker? Fine, fine, I’ll stop trying to use bad humour to justify…

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Char-grilled Watermelon Salad with Mint and Goats Cheese

Originally posted on Laura's Mess:
It’s been a slow couple of months at the Mess. Slow and weary; mostly due to the insufferably hot Summer weather. Over the past two months I’ve been reluctant to even move, never mind…

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Weekly Round Up

Oh My Snow. We’ve had another blizzard. If that’s not enough, we’re scheduled for more snow on Tuesday. And Sunday. And probably some other time next week. I’ve turned off the news. I actually don’t want to know about any … Continue reading

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