Keeping My Monkey Happy – Banana Jam

Here’s the thing about kids. They love to eat. They just don’t love to eat a lot of different food. For some it’s texture (Zara) for others it’s taste or brand recognition, for others familiarity.

Since Z has seemingly always hated bananas (I believe there was a two month period where she tolerated them) I keep trying to make things (and involve her in them) that involve bananas (such as chocolate chip cookies) but she catches me EVERY TIME. She’s a genius. A pure food genius. It’s frustrating – absolutely nuts.

So, for my cheeky monkey, I decided to make jam, which she LOVES. With BANANAS. Yup. That’s right. I was up for my regularly scheduled 2 am dance party with Beckett, when Z woke up screaming from a nightmare. So instead of tucking her in with kisses and milk like a normal mom, I told her to join the dance party, I turned on Mulan, and we happily and sleepily played with baby toys, watched Disney and talked about what to do after school. She said she wanted a BIG snack and some no Beckett time (no surprises there). BIG snack time noted, she went to bed (at 5 am) and I passed out for a couple hours before I had to get up and get everyone ready (yay motherhood).

Once Z was safely at school, I looked around my kitchen, saw some sad bananas and whammo – an idea was born. So in between Skyping with a friend abroad who has a kid a similar age as B (with similar sleep habits) and holding B –  I made the jam. That’s how easy it is. Normally jam takes about 30 minutes to an hour between prep, boiling, thickening and sealing. Not this one. Under 30 minutes

This is the perfect jam for your pb&j lovers, your flutternutter kids, your banoffee pie husbands, and your cubano sandwiches.

This is what you’ll need

4 ripe bananas

2 cups sugar

1 lemon, juiced

That’s it!

Add all ingredients into a shallow saute pan and stir before you turn on heat. Turn on medium high heat and bring mixture to a boil. Boil mixture for 10 minutes stirring frequently and checking to make sure jam doesn’t stick to the bottom. After 10 minutes reduce heat to low and stir for 5 minutes. Add to sanitized jars and seal in a 5 minutes water bath. And there you have it! Banana Jam! Yay!

Easy Banana Jam

Super Simple Banana Jam

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