Week Round Up

I’ve decided to try something different this year. While I always have sort of done a meal plan, I’ve been awful at sticking to it, sometimes even awful at shopping for it when I just made it.

My friend Robin over at flip flop girl posts her weekly meal plans and is really good at sticking to them. So I decided, “hey, I’ll give it a try”. So I’m holding myself publicly accountable (this week, seriously, if I make it through this week I’ll try it again next week…)

So here goes, I’ve done my shopping and meals commence tomorrow. Some of these are heavy and I plan on freezing them for future use.

Monday – Roast Beef (In a crockpot…eek!), Yorkshire Puddings, Potatoes and Asparagus

Tuesday – Shrimp Tacos with Spicy Rice and Slaw

Wednesday – Ginger Carrot Soup and Fresh Bread

Thursday – Coconut Chicken with leftover ginger carrot soup

Friday – Vegetarian Stuffed Acorn Squash

Saturday – Chicken Noodle Soup

Sunday – Corn Pie

Let’s see how well we stick to the above! Wish me luck!

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