Honeydew Melon Jelly

This week has been unseasonably warm which has been a welcome reprieve from last week’s cold snap that had us all wondering if the farmers almanac is right and this winter will be colder than last (okay maybe only a few people still refer to the farmers almanac!)

This week I’ve decided to squeeze the summer out (quite literally) by making and canning things that will remind me of warmth during those dark, freezing days.

Yesterday I decided to make honeydew melon jam. I wasn’t sure if one could actually make jam out of melons. You can’t. To make jam would require that you leave some of the melon pulp and that would cause the batch to mold quickly. BUT, if you juice the melon and make a jelly and seal properly, you should be good to go.

Why honeydew you ask? Several reasons, it was on sale, I love the green color, Z wanted to try it (and didn’t like it…boo) and finally, it conjures up childhood memories of going to Chinatown with Victor, stopping by his studio and these wonderfully sweet honeydew hard candies that we would always get.

So how easy is it to capture summer in this jam? The New Englanders would say “wicked easy” (I think).

This is what you’ll need;

1 large honeydew melon

5 cups of sugar (it’s a lot, I know)

1 large lemon, juiced

5 tbsp pectin

To get the juice from your melon, whizz it up in a blender and strain with a fine mesh strainer, pressing the melon until all that remains is mush with clear yellow-green juice below. My melon yielded 3 cups.

Add to a large pot, stir in sugar until the sugar is incorporated with the juice. Turn on heat to medium-high. Stir in lemon juice and let mixture come to a rolling boil. Boil for 5 minutes then turn down to low heat to allow for a simmer. Whisk in pectin and simmer for 20 minutes.

To test the readiness of your jelly place a ceramic or glass plate in your freezer before you start your jelly. When you think your jelly is thickening, drop a bit on the frozen plate and let sit for a minute. After the minute if the jelly stays put, it’s ready!

Jar and seal in a 5 minute water bath.

This jelly is super sweet with a fresh crisp taste!IMG_2751.JPG

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