Appetizers Are My Favorite

I haven’t been as present as I’d like on this blog. With a baby and a preschooler, my life is more full than I thought possible. Thankfully some of the “complications” are starting to fall into place. I’m hoping to capture a bit of daily me time so I can actually start blogging regularly again (as well as other things) but for now I’m content with getting to this as often as I can. So I apologize for my lack of posts but hope you do check up on Zara’s Hungry or subscribe so you can see the newest bits.

On a very happy note, Zara, who went from adventurous eater to super picky overnight (which lasted for a year) is slowly going back to adventurous. I added rainbow chard to our pasta tonight and she dug it! I was psyched!

Tonight I wanted to share an amazing appetizer I served this past weekend with a longtime friend who was up visiting from the south. I made a characteristically Mell-Taylor cheese plate and put together a wonderful combination that was simple, but too good not to share. 20140731-221109-79869195.jpg

This is a soft blue cheese or dolceletta with champagne grapes on a cheddar pumpkinseed cracker. Yeah, it was pretty fantastic. I topped it with pea shoots and I could have eaten a dozen of these. All of these items were purchased at our local farmers market or Trader Joes. Zara loved it. it did have baby grapes…

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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