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Appetizers Are My Favorite

I haven’t been as present as I’d like on this blog. With a baby and a preschooler, my life is more full than I thought possible. Thankfully some of the “complications” are starting to fall into place. I’m hoping to … Continue reading

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Overload Muffins

Whenever we have guests longer than a night I like to prep some of the food ahead of time so I can enjoy my time instead of rushing around in the kitchen. Especially breakfast. With a young baby. As I’m … Continue reading

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Homemade Bellini

I love drinks with fresh fruit and/or herbs in them. Alcoholic to non-alcoholic I haven’t met a fruit/herb based drink I haven’t liked. Seeing that it’s peach season, I decided after a long day of kid antics I would make … Continue reading

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Give Peas A Chance

I for one, love peas. I know they are the underdog of the vegetable world, next to Lima beans and broccoli. My husband absolutely detests them, even after living in a country where they are a part of the standard … Continue reading

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Tasha’s Corner: Chocolate Mousse

I know it’s hot out, but between the copper mixing bowls my mom bought us for our anniversary and my hankering for a mousse called “chocolate pot” at a local greek restaurant, last night I found myself many bowls deep, … Continue reading

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