Tasha’s Corner Returns! Stuffed Tex Mex Peppers

Hello Again. Happy Spring!! After a month away and then almost a month readjusting to life I have begun to cook, finally! Like the rest of you after work I sit and look at dumb articles on my phone. One of these such articles read something like ” 31 ways to stuff vegetables.” I did not use any of these recipe’s but I did remember that I like stuffed peppers. So here goes

Stuffed Peppers TEX MEX
I cup couscous
1tea chipotle powder
1 tea cumin powder
1/2 onion
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
I link soy chorizo
4 large red bell peppers
cheddar cheese
fresh herbs
salt and pepper to taste
I made these ahead in between classes so when I returned at night all I needed to do was pop in the oven. Cook couscous normally. I sauté onion in one tablespoon olive oil add spices and then add couscous. Once covered in oil and spices add broth or water. Bring to boil then simmer and cover.
In another skillet over medium heat sauté soy chorizo with a tiny but of olive oil. You can of course use meat. This stuff is cheap and tastes good so I like to use it instead sometimes. fake meat is a little wierd. I do not eat the bacon, or chicken, and I loath the beef tasting crap.. I think if you want chicken eat it. Otherwise eat tofu. Etc ETc. But ever since college and my toxic vegetarian friends I have stuck with this. It outlasted the friendships. It is also less than $2. Rant over.
Meanwhile, cut the very top of peppers and bottom to get them to stand upright. Do not cut a whole in the bottom just if it is uneven. When couscous is done. Stuff the peppers with chorizo, herbs, and couscous cover with foil.
Cook for about twenty minutes on 400 degrees. Then unfoil add cheese and cook until peppers are tender and cheese melted.
I loved these, but who would not like cheesy spicy peppers! When they come out put some fresh lime on them.
Enjoy with fruit juice spritzer or tequila!
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