Around St. Patrick’s Day I always get a hankering for a Reuben sandwich. I think it’s because everyone is talking about corned beef. Yum.

While this year taught me that I will never ever make boiled corned beef and cabbage again to mark my almost non-existent Irish heritage, said disaster left me with lots of leftovers. What to make? Whahahaha! Reuben’s of course!

This isn’t a traditional Reuben as I’m using leftovers, but it is fabulous all the same and really easy to make if you have boiled cabbage and corned beef leftovers.

This is what you need (Serves 1):

1/4 cup shredded corned beef, cooked

1/8 cup shredded boiled cabbage

1 piece provolone cheese

1/2 tbsp thousand island dressing

2 pieces marbled rye bread

1/2 tbsp butter

To Assemble:

Spread thousand island dressing on one side of both pieces of bread. Layer your cabbage, cheese, then shredded corned beef and top with bread.

Just like a grilled cheese sandwich, add butter to a sauté pan and let get hot. Add your sandwich and toast for 3-4 minutes on either side. Your bread should be golden brown, your meat warmed through and your cheese melted. Serve with a nice salad or, if it’s still freezing like it is here, a cup of vegetable soup.


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