Scallion Pancakes

The snow has really thrown me through a loop. I know I like winter (or I thought I did) but I really didn’t expect to have quite so much of the white stuff. We live near the water, so my expectation of a temperate environment where others get smacked with snow and we get a dusting has not been realized. Again, I realize I live in MA-that I should expect cold and snow but oh my god turn it off already. Pair the amazing weather with modified bed rest and a three year old and I’m headed for Prozac (and a serious reconsideration of where we buy our next house).

It doesn’t help that our whole town has decided to hibernate. Sidewalks aren’t shoveled, downtown is dead and the grocery store is where it’s at. Ugh.

Last night, in an effort to cheer myself up and try something new I decided to make scallion pancakes. These are my favorite things to order when we get take out Chinese. They are crispy wedges of goodness with pops of green beauty that just beg to be soaked in soy sauce. So I looked up a whole host of online recipes and then modified to make them based on what I had.

They. Were. Amazing. And surprisingly easy.

This is what you need;

2 1/2 cups flour

1 cup warm water

1 bunch scallions, sliced thin

2 tbsp oil

1 tea salt

Mix your flour and water in a bowl until a very sticky dough forms. Dip your fingers in oil and coat the dough with oil. Place back in bowl and cover with a dishcloth and put in a dark place for 30 minutes to let it ‘rest’.

After 30 minutes remove dough and divide in 4 even parts. Grease a cutting board and roll out one dough section until it is a nice thin square. Drizzle with salt and scallions (you’ll do this with the remaining dough sections, so leave enough salt and scallions).

Next roll your dough tightly into a snake and cut in two (now is the time that all your play dough skills come in handy). Coil snake, then flatten back out into a pancake with your hands. Repeat with each dough section until you have 8 pancakes.

Bring remaining oil to medium-high heat in a sauté pan. Add pancakes to hot oil (I did 2-3 at a time). Cook for 2-3 minutes each side. Place on paper towel and press out extra oil. Serve with soy sauce (I also served dumplings).

I did not cut these into wedges as I knew we would gobble them up and thought smaller pieces would be…ridiculous for us. For portion control OR to serve outside your immediate family, cut into wedges and drizzle with fresh scallions.



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