Easiest Homemade Soup for One

6 thoughts on “Easiest Homemade Soup for One”

  1. OK so Ive been trying to cook easy cheap healthy meals- thats going ok! esp with the help of your blog! Ive starting using evernote and I use it as a recipe filing spot! BUT I got to thinking I need a good granola recipe! I eat a TON of granola and most time the store bought ones dont cut it and I cant always afford the super tasty kind from the farmers market- I thought Erin must have a good granola recipe! What makes a truly great granola??? I like the ones that whole foods uses in their fruit parfaits and I love a little coconut added when I have an acai bowl but ive never attempted to make my own- I want it not too nutty some is ok or chewy with dried fruits, something rich and a little sweet, crunchy and filling! What do you think???

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