Something A Little Different Today

I don’t often do something like this, in fact, this is the first time…

As a mother of a small child I have mixed feelings about food. What goes into it, how much can I afford, what will she eat (what will we eat). I don’t like sacrificing flavor and I love experimenting with cooking, and introducing my child to new and good food so she grows up with an appreciation of what’s out there in the world. But let’s be frank, I’m on a budget, a pretty tough one, and while I don’t think that should hinder what you put in your mouth (and I often don’t talk about it here) it does.

I don’t like prophetalitizing (I don’t think that’s a word, but it should be) about food. I think everyone makes decisions based on their lifestyle, taste, ability, cost and preference, but sometimes we all need a little reminder about what is going on with our food. I am by no means telling you I’m out there buying organic everything. I’m not and I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to feed my family if I did. But I do think that maybe some small changes are needed in the American food industry, and maybe I need to learn more about what I’m handing to my child as a snack.

This video is a little long. When I saw the title I sort of groaned but thought “You might learn something”-and that’s a challenge I’m always up for.

So sorry that this is a complete diversion from the typical Zara’s Hungry post. But I think it’s worth it, and I think it might make you think twice, as it’s done to me. My next grocery shop may just be altered a little, but a little might go a long way in helping the longevity of Z, W and me.

What are we putting in our food?

Please watch, more edible posts tomorrow…promise…

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4 Responses to Something A Little Different Today

  1. hippyma says:

    This is a great video, nice to see it circulating again.

  2. lauren gaw says:

    Hey erin I thought that maybe you could do a post about building your own gingerbread house I want to make one but dont want to use a kit in hopes of saving money (I hope Its not more expensive to buy all the Ingredients) and being creative maybe you can add your twist to it and make one with zara! I wish i was there to join in the fun! I found thislink to be a great resource

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