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Happy Thanksgiving!

While all of us are bogged down with preparing for the fabulous holiday that is Thanksgiving (if you are on American shores that is)- I wanted to give you a glimpse into our New England Holiday. So instead of a … Continue reading

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Chicken Piccata

Every once in awhile the grocery gods align and thinly sliced chicken, white wine and butter are on sale…and I remember that buttery wine chicken dishes are magnificent and Zara likes them too. This isn’t actually chicken piccata, it’s my … Continue reading

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Stuffing Leftovers

I meant to post this last night but…didn’t. Oops. Two nights ago I made my Greek stuffed onions. They’re easy and always a pleaser. But they also always have a lot of filling left over-and to be honest, last night … Continue reading

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Early Morning Fruit Salad

This morning Z woke up extra special early. We had no coffee in the house, only tea. So only partially caffeinated-I sought to make an easy breakfast that we could make and eat together. Luckily we always have some fruit … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Pork

My mom used to make a variation of this with pork or hot dogs (seriously there may be nothing better than a cider cooked hot dog). The other day I came across a pork shoulder on sale, apples were on … Continue reading

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Tasha’s Corner: Enchiladas Rojas with Black Beans

Life has been crazy this fall. It went from summer to Spain to everyone having the biggest event of their careers thus far. But inevitably the weather got cold and the oven turned on. So Jared cooked a chicken, classic … Continue reading

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Instead of a recipe today I’m going to give you a little slice of summer…because it snowed here in MA…and I need a reminder. Those are fresh purple grapes…that we picked in August…as opposed to this… Which we are doing … Continue reading

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Flashback-Chili Cheese Dogs

I had to do it. I promised you chili cheese dogs and I had to deliver. There’s obviously not much of a recipe going on here, more of a construction project. If you like hot dogs and chili-this is an … Continue reading

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Chocolate Almond Coffee Cake

Last night, Zara was BEGGING for chocolate chips. After handing her a bowl (I’m a bit of a sucker parent) I thought to myself…I’ve been writing an awful lot about chili (which if you’ve been reading you know I am … Continue reading

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No Chili Cheese Dogs Here

I was going to do my final installment of chili leftovers today- but to be honest- I couldn’t face eating chili again. Instead I’ll give you a preview of tomorrow’s post. It’s a cake…you eat in the morning… See you … Continue reading

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