Chicken Piccata

Every once in awhile the grocery gods align and thinly sliced chicken, white wine and butter are on sale…and I remember that buttery wine chicken dishes are magnificent and Zara likes them too. This isn’t actually chicken piccata, it’s my take on the flavors. This recipe I make a couple times a year and it … Continue reading Chicken Piccata

Cold Weather Pork

My mom used to make a variation of this with pork or hot dogs (seriously there may be nothing better than a cider cooked hot dog). The other day I came across a pork shoulder on sale, apples were on the cheap AND sauerkraut was on sale. Kismet? I think maybe. I really like making … Continue reading Cold Weather Pork


Instead of a recipe today I’m going to give you a little slice of summer…because it snowed here in MA…and I need a reminder. Those are fresh purple grapes…that we picked in August…as opposed to this… Which we are doing right now to keep warm. Warm wishes!!! Tomorrow a post from Tasha’s Corner! Continue reading Snow!