Cheating Chicken Pot Pie

So you know that roast dinner? The one that I seem to keep writing about? Well…I do like to stretch a chicken if I can into as many meals as possible, and this bird is no different.

It’s getting cold here in MA and I wanted something hearty, that didn’t take a lot of time or ingredients. So I took my roaster Tupperware out of the fridge, defrosted a pie crust, and had a plan.

This is what you need;

1 store bought pie crust dough (not pre formed)

About a cup of chicken pieces

1 cup roasted vegetables

1/4 stick butter

4 tbsp flour

1 cup chicken stock

3 smallish ramekins

In a sauté pan melt your butter on low. When melted, add flour to form a rue. I whisk the above, you can also do it with a wooden spoon. Add chicken stock and give it a good whisk- let thicken 2 minutes.

Place pie crust unrolled on a flat, clean surface (I used a cutting board) out your ramekins upside down on crust and cut a slightly bigger circle/rectangle than you need. For fun, with the remainder crust I cut out our first letters- but I’m a total dork.

Preheat oven to 350 F

Add your chicken and vegetables to your thickened sauce and stir until heated through- about one minute.

Divide mixture into the ramekins and cover with pie crust, pressing the sides with your fingers to seal. Add your letters, put a tiny slit in the top of each one and cook for 15 minutes.

Your pie crust will be golden and the insides bubbly and delicious. Serve with something healthy, like a salad.

I remembered to take a picture mid destruction of mine…


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