Tasha’s Corner: Fried Green Tomatoes (poor things!)

My garden is out of control! Especially the tomatoes, which are all intertwined breaking buggy messes. So this morning we set out to make a change in the garden and move things around. This meant two things: I would get more mosquito bites in two hours than I have all summer, and some tomatoes would be sacrificed before they were ready to be picked.

So what to do with green tomatoes? Fry them of course, and replay the movie in your head backwards as you’re cooking. I forgot how it starts, and was she a lesbian?

Anyway, fried green tomatoes last minute- cheating style:
4 large green tomatoes cut into thick slices
1 cup large oil (I used mixed olive and vegetable oil. I needed a higher temperature but was not willing to have the full veggie oil taste)
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup cornmeal

Cut tomatoes into slices and pick herbs from garden and wash.

In bowl mix flour and cornmeal and in another bowl pour milk. Pour oil into pan (I used cast iron) and wait a few minutes to heat. You can use that food network drop of water trick, but I think it’s obvious. Dredge in flour, then milk, then flour again. Place in oil and wait until golden brown. Flip and repeat. Repeat until batch is finished.

You can make a sandwich with bacon, put on a salad, or eat as is! Serve with sweet tea, or limoncello with iced tea!



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