Happy Sandwich Month!

There are many days that by the time Z and I get to lunch, we’re so hungry we just eat whatever is in front of us. In an effort to eat healthier, reduce waste and be a little more of a prepared mom, I’ve been prepping our fridge with fast and easy items, all delicious and homemade that can be made in under 5 minutes! (Calling all you working parents!)

The sandwich is not incredibly sexy- it’s more the dependable counterpart, the go-to filled with pb&j or salami and cheese. While I love a good salami and cheese (not so much a pb&j), I’m always looking for something that is more than your standard square bread variety AND something that inspires a memory.

When my daughter was 3 months old my husband and I had the brilliant idea to go to Paris, for the day on the cheap. (We were living in London so this wasn’t so out of the realm of possibility) We brought diapers, snacks, formula and our trusty stroller. What a stupid idea. But the pictures are priceless, and I’m sure in a couple years we will only reminisce fondly. For lunch we stopped at a dive where they served everything au poivre AND some amazing looking sandwiches on baguettes. They were hearty looking, big enough to feel quite full but not so big that you felt like a greedy jerk for eating the whole thing (and checking the wax paper for the spare bits that dropped off the sandwich).

I haven’t forgotten those sandwiches (or the entire Paris trip for that matter- both good and bad) and I wanted to recreate them, as our go-to sandwich for the week.

Turkey, Swiss, homemade pickles with mustard on a baguette

Build your sandwich;

1/8 of a French baguette, cut lengthwise

1 spreadable bit of butter, to be spread thinly on the top piece of bread

2 pieces of deli turkey

1 slice of Swiss cheese

3 homemade pickles (or not) in the round, places slightly on top of each other

A little mustard, spread in the bottom piece of baguette

The key with this sandwich is that you want to be able to make this sandwich, wrap it up and have it taste the same as when you made it. So nothing that can smoosh into the bread to make it soggy (like tomatoes). Pickles, surprisingly don’t do this!) Imagine you are in Paris, you are taking a train journey to Avignon- you want to eat lunch on the train…this is THAT type of sandwich. Add some arugula if you want a nice peppery crunch!

Put your sandwich building items in the front of the fridge so when you open your fridge, you are reminded…aha! I want to make THAT for lunch! Sounds obvious…but surprisingly isn’t.

Bon appetit!


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3 Responses to Happy Sandwich Month!

  1. Lauren gaw says:

    I totally want to hear more about that Paris trip! I can only imagine!! That sandwich sounds good- sans moutarde! and soo does the salami and cheese!

  2. Lauren says:

    Did you know that your sandwich manifested itself in a cafe in San Diego? I was out to lunch with a friend and absolutely famished, and there in the deli case was premade sammies on crusty french bread! I thought oh Ill just save half for later, but no I ate the whole thing for lunch!

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