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Brie En Croute (And Announcing the Winner!)

First to announce the winner of the royal baby contest! Cathy Pitt from London, England. I thought it was pretty cool that in a random selection our winner comes to us from the famous baby city! I’m putting the prize … Continue reading

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Simple Breakfast for One (or More)

This morning I wanted to make something delicious, but easy and kid-friendly as Z and I are yet again on our own. We both love chocolate in any form, but have a special love for chocolate croissants. Since I am … Continue reading

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Easy Stuffed Zucchini On The Grill

I asked those following us on Facebook what recipe they would prefer to see, red currant jam or stuffed zucchini. While we had an underwhelming response to the question (Thanks Carlee & Georgiana!) the zucchini vote was unanimous. So here … Continue reading

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Royal Baby Contest Time!

Because who doesn’t love a good bandwagon? And because I correctly guessed the name of the baby (the first name that is) George Alexander Louis and am entered into a blogger contest of my own. Since I love cooking British … Continue reading

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Guest Recipe: Lemon Pasta

So our laptop has finally kicked the bucket and with it my ability to blog like a normal person. I spent yesterday trying to ‘fix’ the problem which really was me turning the computer off and on, interspersed with me … Continue reading

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Ginger Banana Cake

Not only is it hot (I can’t seem to get the inside of the house to be less than 84 F), but all activities I can find for today seem to take place outside in the 95 F weather. I’ve … Continue reading

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Eggplant-Olive Tapenade

Yesterday was HOT here on the eastern seaboard. Today is not supposed to be any better. While during the winter months I long for summer, when summer is here I long for…spring…fall, those lovely temperate months. I know that we … Continue reading

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Fast Homemade Pickles

I’m a member of Generation Y (or is it X) really, I’m on the marketing cusp, so who knows what generation I’m apart of, I know I’m apart of the instant gratification generation, but what American isn’t? There are only … Continue reading

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Sloppy Joes

It may be gross, but I’m still working through those (now frozen) burgers from fourth of july. While contemplating how else I could transform them, I thought, really, what is more American, than a sloppy joe? Now I realize that … Continue reading

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Mexican Lasagna

We had a very long (and fantastic) fourth of July week. It was basically a week-long party. Starting from the 3rd with dinner at a friends (They celebrate the 4th on the 3rd in the part of Plymouth we moved…yeah, … Continue reading

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