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Thumbprint Cookies with Strawberry Cardamom Jam

I might have mentioned that we went strawberry picking last weekend and scored a TON of strawberries. I wanted to make something special for the winner of the “I Do” contest, Marianne, so I decided I would make these delightful … Continue reading

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Birthday Mac & Cheese

For Z’s birthday, I asked what she wanted served at her birthday tea party. She INSTANTLY replied “Mac & Cheese with squash”. What?? Ummm…okay…so…I figured if she’s asking for it, why not go whole hog? We had recently gone to … Continue reading

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Sort of Strawberry Shortcake (with Rose Whipped Cream)

My husband and I have a very different idea of what strawberry shortcake should look like. This is due to how we each had it growing up (and who knew there was SUCH a discrepancy?). I grew up using pound … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Pizza

Remember yesterday when I said the veggie pasta sauce would really be good as a pizza base? Well – I decided to put my money where my mouth is…I made pizza with last night’s sauce as a base. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Veggie Pasta Sauce

I love making my own pasta sauce and up here in MA it’s still not too hot to turn on your oven (yet). I had a whole bunch of tomatoes (4) that really needed to be used AND I wanted … Continue reading

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Guest Recipe: Gnocchi

Today’s post comes to us from a local mom and scientist extrodinaire. Her take on simplistic italian food is simply refreshing! I’ve been missing my extended family recently, my rather large Italian family that is, and since the weather has … Continue reading

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Not really. Well there IS a winner. But I’m not cooking and sending a chicken dinner. Sorry.  Congrats to Marianne! She is the winner of a special Zara’s Hungry delectable treat! Congrats also to my lovely sister and my new … Continue reading

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Apricot-Papaya-Chili Jam

Father’s Day is upon us. In my family that means presenting a gift to dad that is indicative of what you’re good and/or passionate about. My sister makes art, my brother a witty political card and me, well I guess … Continue reading

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Biscotti Cheesecake

I don’t know why, but I have a love/hate relationship with cheesecake. I always think I want it. In fact, if its on a dessert menu (and I’m ordering dessert) I will 100% order it. But we don’t go out … Continue reading

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Contest Time!

My sister is getting married next week! What better way than to celebrate with a contest. To enter simply follow us on WordPress AND like us on Facebook. Contest opens…right now and closes the moment my sister says “I do”. … Continue reading

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