The Get Better Soon Pasta

Sometimes…we just don’t feel well. It can be you have the flu, or your child passed along some horrifying stomach bug. Whatever. I’m not pointing fingers. This weekend. I was hit. All of a sudden. Thankfully not as bad as she was, but enough to make me want to not be near family, or people. Just near my bed. By myself. I know, it’s an impossible task.

Anyway, I started to actually want food again, but still not feeling great. For some reason, broccoli is my go-to, and I happened to have some in the fridge. I wanted comforting, I wanted it to be easy to make (I wanted it to make my tummy feel better), I wanted Zara to eat it too (I know better than having Will want to eat it too, when there’s broccoli involved…)

So I started with the sickie basics. Lemon, honey and ginger.

Add a little olive oil to a saute pan, warm it up over medium heat. While it’s heating, start your water for your pasta. I happened to have farfarelle, but really any pasta you like will work. Shapes I think works best with tougher vegetables. Slice up your ginger into very thin strips. Add ginger, a dab (1/4 tea) honey and a half of a squeezed lemon. Stir. Add your broccoli. I slice it up into little florets because it’s easier for Z to eat. Do it how you want. Meanwhile, imagine Zara helping to peel 3 cloves of garlic. You mince and add to the saute pan. Cover for 2 minutes. Stir, cover again for 2 minutes. When broccoli turns that beautiful brilliant green, uncover and remove from heat. Add pasta, your water should be boiling (remember to add a pinch of salt just before you add the pasta!!). To the broccoli mixture, add salt, pepper and red hot chili flakes. Taste and season more if you want. Add 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter and stir around to get everything to be nice and coated. Finally, squeeze the remaining lemon over your mixture, add the now finished pasta and taste. Isn’t that fantastic? It’s nice and lemony, with a kick of spice and that nice soothing lemon/ginger flavor. It’s really good (and so far it’s working…)

Broccoli Pasta


About emellt

I love all things food and my plan is to my children feel the same way, one meal at a time. By sharing my recipes, activities and adaptations of others, I hope to get my, and your kids in the kitchen!
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