Shake The Sillies Out!

We went to go see Yo Gabba Gabba this weekend in Boston with one of Zara’s very best friends. To celebrate, my friend and I decided to make tutu’s with all the characters on them. I know this isn’t food related, BUT it IS kid related. And what kid that is over the age of two doesn’t love Ya Gabba Gabba?

ImageI bought these tutu’s at the Dollar Tree and printed the images out from Nick Jr’s page onto transfer paper. You simply, press and go. We had the girls wear them to the concert.


This was one of the best things we’ve done with Zara thus far. I know it sounds cheesy, but the look on her face when she realized that DJ Lance was REAL and ON STAGE, was priceless. She sang along

YGG3She hugged during the ‘hugs are fun’ song

YGG2She was mesmerized the entire time. She is still talking about it. I am definitely doing this again if she is still obsessed with them next year. And the bonus? We got the tickets via a Groupon. So even though we kinda sat in nosebleed seats

YGG1Who cares? We danced, we sang, we brought our own snacks…and the girls loved every moment of it. I actually really expected a mob scene, but it was really civilized. Almost British in the way everyone queued up in the right place for tickets and to get in. I’d say if you have the chance…go.


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