Using Barley, Not in Soup

I would say that I’m a big fan of barley, enough that there is always a bag of it in my cabinet. Today, while trying to figure out what to cook to accompany salmon (an amazing deal from BJs) my bag of barley fell on my head Brilliant! I’ll make barley tonight, and not in soup. I’m sure I’ve had barley not in soup…right? Maybe not.  Pilaf. Barley is nutty and slightly chewy, sort of like wheat berries. I’ve definitely had those in a cold salad. This is going to work. (That was my internal dialogue)

So I decided on a barley pilaf. This is what I did;

1 onion, chopped

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 tbsp olive oil

Zara put these in a pan and sautéed until onions are translucent. About 5-8 minutes. I would add the garlic a little later than the onions to avoid browning. Obviously she didn’t stir the whole time as she gets bored…fast. Instead we went back and forth with a temper tantrum, it was awesome.

Add 3/4 cups of barley and coat with the olive oil mixture. Cook for 2 minutes then add 2 cups chicken broth (this was too much, reduce to 1.5 cups). Bring to a boil and the reduce to a low simmer. Stir occasionally until broth has almost evaporated. It’ll take about 25 minutes. Add 1 tsp lemon zest. Add salt and pepper to taste and squeeze a half lemon. Stir and serve! It’s chewy, it’s delicious. It’s barley.



About emellt

I love all things food and my plan is to my children feel the same way, one meal at a time. By sharing my recipes, activities and adaptations of others, I hope to get my, and your kids in the kitchen!
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One Response to Using Barley, Not in Soup

  1. sarasinart says:

    You’re right! Barley can be good lots of way, with some imagination, not just in soup. This sounds good.

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