Leftover Soup


A couple of things inspired my dinner creation (or what have you) tonight. First off, last night I made a chicken roaster with roasted vegetables.  I have a TON of chicken left over, not that this is ever a bad thing in the house of a small child, but it’s freezing here in MA, and the snow is melting, which makes me want comforting things like soup (although a pot pie or enchiladas would have been nice too…ah well) right, soup. Which is what I made tonight, but while I was thinking about what to do with the chicken carcass in my fridge, I recalled a conversation I had on new year’s eve with a new friend who has a child that suffers from severe allergies (read, could die from allergies). We were talking about the difficulty of cooking when she initially starting cooking for child, which she has obviously gotten over like a rock star because, I for one, would never had noticed, but I digress. This reminded me of another friend in London, who also has deadly allergies, that in order to get people to take her seriously, would, when we would go out to a restaurant, before we placed an order, would look the waiter square in the eye and ask if any of the items that she was allergic to would be even near her food “she would die” with a serious intonation that would always make the waiter (and the table) do a double-take, and rightly so, it’s her life in their hands. Same for my new friend when she goes to others houses where there are children’s snacks at children’s levels all throughout the house (I was absolutely guilty of this.) Her child has been dealing with this…always, and as such does not touch snacks at others houses unless it’s been cleared by his mom.

So tonight, I wanted to challenge myself to make a dish that could be eaten by my new friends child, something delicious, comforting, cheap, easy, and that I would be willing to serve their entire family, (and mine), that of course, Zara could help me make. It reminded me of my time in London, cooking for my friend, and coming up with things that were so delicious (and since we ate with them so often) that I almost didn’t miss the allergy inducing ingredients.

So here it is, a leftover allergy special inspired by Celi and Michael, one of which I’ve had the pleasure of cooking for often, and one which I hope to begin that tradition.

Chicken, Corn and Rice Soup

Don’t be surprised that there are other ingredients in here, it wouldn’t be a me creation if it wasn’t AND I try to cook without salt if I can help it, so I often add other items to add spice to the dish.

I made chicken stock last night out of the roaster (this is super easy, if you want help, add a comment and I’ll write about it as part of tomorrow’s blog) and took this out of the fridge and added 3 cups of water and let Zara go to town. I then chopped an onion and a 2 inch piece of ginger, minced to the stock. I then de-chickened the chicken and added to the stock with the leftover roasted vegetables from last night. (Potatoes, garlic, onions and carrots). I let that come to a simmer and added a quarter bag of frozen corn, 2 bay leaves and 2 turns of the grinder (Zara took charge of this), I let this come to a quiet boil and then added a half cup of rice. I turned off the heat, put the lid on and let sit for 10 minutes, stirring often. As I had salted the chicken and vegetables last night, I did not add salt.

That’s it! It was delish!


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3 Responses to Leftover Soup

  1. hippyma says:

    Homemade chicken soup (especially w/leftovers) & rice is an absolute favorite of mine (and gluten-free w/rice as opposed to noodles)!! 🙂

  2. Nik says:

    I think this is total crap you need much more salt for it to taste right. You can never have too much salt. It is not expensive only like a dollar a can so be bountiful and use half a can it won’t hurt. In fact your family is going to love it!!!!!

    • emellt says:

      Hey, Nik, thanks for commenting on my blog! What I was saying in this post, was not that I didn’t use salt, only that I had already added salt to my chicken stock, so I didn’t need to add any additional salt. I’m glad you’re trying these recipes!

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