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Shrimp and Scallop Gratin

Last night I had to make dinner (scratch that, I didn’t HAVE to make dinner, I WANTED to make dinner) and I was going on very little sleep. I usually don’t get that much sleep, I do have a toddler … Continue reading

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Making Valentine’s Day Treats

Okay…really now Erin, you’re a bit premature for this whole valentines day thing I hear you all say. But hear me out. A lot of our family is not in the area and I like to send out little boxes … Continue reading

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Shake The Sillies Out!

We went to go see Yo Gabba Gabba this weekend in Boston with one of Zara’s very best friends. To celebrate, my friend and I decided to make tutu’s with all the characters on them. I know this isn’t food … Continue reading

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Living In the Vortex…Last Minute Meal

Tonight’s dinner caught me by surprise. Actually, the whole day kind of caught me by surprise. I don’t know why, but I just kept looking at the clock and it would be 3 hours later than I thought it was. … Continue reading

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Some Like It Pop Pop Pop

We’ve had an amazingly social weekend, which are my favorite kind! I had a chance to make a whole host of things, BUT, I thought I’d tell you about the easiest one I made (the least amount of ingredients AND … Continue reading

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Making Valentines

I’ve been trying to figure out a cute and creative way to help Zara make her own Valentine’s Day cards this year. We are going to a little kid v-day party, on the actual day and the kids are going … Continue reading

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Soup Makes A Baby Feel Welcome

At least that’s how I feel. Whenever someone is sick, or new to the neighborhood, or had a fantastic day, when it’s winter, soup seems to be one of the most heartfelt things you can give. It’s warming, comforting, takes … Continue reading

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Scones…With A Little Help From Our Friends

I didn’t blog yesterday. Not for any good reason other than we dropped a meal off for a mom that had recently given birth, it was kinda far away, we got lost…by the time we got home it was almost … Continue reading

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Using Barley, Not in Soup

I would say that I’m a big fan of barley, enough that there is always a bag of it in my cabinet. Today, while trying to figure out what to cook to accompany salmon (an amazing deal from BJs) my … Continue reading

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Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Fast

I like it both ways. Today I give you two meals, both made from leftovers, both easy to make and easy to involve your kid in making. First- Fried(that isn’t really fried rice) Growing up we had a family friend … Continue reading

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