Hide A Hug


Tonight we were invited to an impromptu dinner with friends. As anyone who knows me can attest, I hate showing up empty handed. So, with about an hour on hand, and Zara begging for cupcakes, I decided we would make dessert and it would be cupcakes. (Novel, I know)

Really, this is an easy, sort of cheating type of dessert, but I take my clues from by beloved Nigella Lawson who subscribes to the “cheat if it helps” lifestyle, and I adore her for it!

So I started with a yellow cake mix,  I believe it was Duncan Hines, but I could be wrong, made as the box directed and prepped some muffin tins. One mini muffin tin and one regular sized tin. Zara always helps to mix together the ingredients and adds the water and oil while I crack the eggs. Once the batter was good to go, I added the mix to the mini pan and cooked for 11 minutes. While those were baking we added a drop of mix in each muffin holes and the an unwrapped chocolate hug to the middle. This was a perfect activity for Z to help with. Then top with additional batter to cover. Bake for 20 minutes, remove and let cool. We decorated with chocolate frosting and snowflake sprinkles.


After dinner everyone but Zara and I, I believe we’re pleasantly surprised to bite into a cupcake and get a chocolate surprise. AND, the hug’s shape upheld nicely!


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